Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Per your requests...
The 2016 Tangle-a-Day calendar contains tangled art starts and loose ends so you can add to, connect and play any way you like. 

Each calendar day still has a box for you to fill 
with your favorite Zentangle® fun.
Order today! Special bulk pricing is available, too.

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  1. Dear Carole Ohl,
    I tried to write you an e-mail about the calendar, but unfortunately it couldn't be delivered. That's why I'm posting my question here:

    I'm really interested in buying your beautiful Tangle-a-Day Calendar for 2016. Unfortunately, in the shop there's no shipping option for Europe. Is it possible for you to ship your calendar to Germany not via the shop but privately somehow? I also wanted to ask how much the shipping costs would be for two or for ten calendars in this case.

    Thank you so much in advance for your answer!

    Best wishes



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