Monday, April 8, 2013


When it comes to rejuvenation, the Zentangle® art form is a wonderful tool, even in small doses. Taking a little time each day (even for ten minutes) to do a little tangling can clear your mind like a little reset button.

Imagine a whole (LONG) weekend of nothing but tangling!

I was lucky enough to spend this past Thursday through Sunday at the CZT Hideaway 2013. The retreat was hosted by CZTs Leslie Scott-Gillilan and Angie Gamble, and was designed to provide a little rest, relaxation and rejuvenation to participating CZTs. Seventeen of us packed our tiles and pens and headed to Henryville, Indiana for a stay at Wooded Glen Conference and Retreat Center. This facility is truly beyond compare – peaceful, beautiful, natural, accommodating, nurturing. The owners say they want their guests to feel like they're at 'grandma's house.' And yes, there were cookies and cold milk waiting for us at bedtime. For real. On Saturday at lunch, our table got to talking (a lot) about Red Lobster cheddar biscuits. That night there were cheddar garlic biscuits on the dinner buffet. Someone from another attending group said her friend was going on about crab cakes at lunch and that night they showed up for dinner. Seriously, I can't think of anywhere else (grandma's maybe!) that would happen.
Rear view of the conference center from the path across the pond.

   Anyway, the weekend was filled with lots of fun ideas and we naturally shared little tricks and projects with each other. The schedule, or string as we called it, was a flexible mix of learning and playing, options and choices. Nothing was required, and everything allowed for. Wow. It was a living Zentangle.
   I am so grateful to everyone who participated in this lovely weekend. Angie and Lesley did a great job, and gave us a truly wonderful gift with all their hard work and planning. I can't wait to do it again.

   Here are a few things I played with. Some might be finished, but then again maybe not!

Micron and White Jelly Roll on tan paper.

12 x 14 beginnings of something

We played with Genevieve Crabe's Mandala stencils. I loved them! I started Coaster on one of the 'spokes' but changed my mind. Instead of chucking it, which was my initial thought, I moved forward! I sort of like the "spirit spoke" that's stuck in there.


  1. Oh so beautiful Carole....wish I was there!

  2. The retreat sounds fabulous. Love what you've created. What a great experience to get the creative juices flowing!

  3. It sounds wonderful and I am going to try to make it next time around. I always seem to have scheduling conflicts whenever there are any CZT events planned. I love your tangling!

  4. Great post, Carole! What a treasure you are, I'm so glad to finally meet you. I so enjoyed and benefited from your demonstrations, and I love the work you did over the weekend. I've been studying for some time the way your tangles so frequently flow off the "page". I love it and am trying to emulate it; such a lovely metaphor for life and the joys of breaking free!

  5. I hope to be able to attend this retreat one of these years....sounds so wonderful! Your creations are beautiful, as always!

  6. Thanks, Carol, for the description of the retreat. It sounds like a place to get revitalized and a place to make new friends... How special. Wish I could have been there. Maybe next year. I always love your work.

  7. so happy for those that attended.One day I'll be able to join you!
    Holding on to that thought!


  8. The one on the tan paper is really beautiful, this paper makes it more precious


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