Friday, February 1, 2013

Time and Space

As each day rolls on, we get a chance to feel our way to each next step. The past year has been full of intensely paying attention to where I'm being asked to step next. I had no idea this time last year that I'd be the steward of a bead store and all that comes with it. But I know without a doubt it's where I'm supposed to be, even though I can't really know all the purpose of it. It feels pretty big, though, like a huge communal pull of some kind.
   The day to day events of the store are pretty much led by what our customers ask for. We do what they want to do, and hope that it's something we also like to do! Well, they are now coming into the bead store and asking for Zentangle classes. Of course there is Zentangle all over the place in here, just because we can't help ourselves. (Our restroom is an actual gallery!) Adding Zentangle to our class schedule was an organic decision, just as stocking a new color of beads is an organic decision.

I've had a little difficulty finding the time to sit and tangle at a particular time. Just as not knowing how a Zentangle tile will develop when you sit to do one, so it is with most of my day. But as all things are in their place at all times, it just so happens that now we have enough interest in Zentangle to create a designated time (now that we have the space!) for tanglers to gather and have some fun.  Every Thursday afternoon, Stash will host Tangles and Tea at 3. No need to call ahead, just show up with your favorite tangle supplies. We'll supply the tea and coffee. It's all free.
   I'm hoping that this quiet time will be my own time to sit and be with my favorite art form.


  1. Wish I could stop by... I am a tangler and a beader so the blend is perfect.
    P.S. Your calendar is just the BEST! I start every day with my calendar and what a treat when it is all full (as my 2012 is). Even the screw ups get lost in the multitude of pages.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I love to look at what others do with the calendar.


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