Friday, January 18, 2013

What Next?

Whether you tangle often, or just occasionally, you probably have hit a little wall wondering which tangle to use next. Now that I'm back into a semi-daily groove with tangling in my calendar, this happens to me quite a bit. Thank goodness for the community of tanglers who have come up with a variety of patterns to play with. One of my favorite go-to resources is Linda Farmer (CZT) has done an outstanding job at organizing and linking step outs to new tangles as they come on the scene. My favorite tool from her is the Tangle Guide. This is a pdf that sits on my computer desktop, staying handy for fresh ideas and challenges. Click here to find out how to get one of these jumpstart jewels! The cover alone is an inspiration, with Zentangle art by the awesome Shelly Beauch.
   This portion of my calendar began with a new tangle this week called Heartrope by Bunny Wright. As the days rolled on, I was in a Quandry so I clicked on my handy Tangle Guide 2013 and mixed a little of a lot: Basketweave, Beadlines, Onomoto, Bunzo, Betweed - all found right at my fingertips! This page in the calendar may be a little bit  busy, but that's my life right now. Taking the time to tangle this morning really helped me center. Now I think it's time to clean off my desk while I enjoy my new Starbucks concoction: Skim Misto (grande) with two shots of mocha and two shots of vanilla spice. Methinks cleaning off my desk will be fun.


  1. I find I have hit the wall several times and I always go to Linda's wonderful guide! She is doing we tanglers a great service! I also am taken with the new pattern Heartrope. I love it!

  2. hahaha! carole, that starbucks 'concoction' sounds wonderful! you have fun cleaning off that desk (i just push all mine to one side). and i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one that comes to mental blocks when deciding what patterns to use. i always feel like i must not know very much if i can't even recall the patterns that quickly. you've just made me feel better on several planes, have a great day :)

  3. Thanks so much for your compliments, Carole. I'm delighted to see you back into a tangling groove again - I missed seeing your artful contributions. I've also been enjoying following your Stash blog and the artful beading creations, someday I'll have time ... Hugs!

  4. Hi, you own such a fantastic portal, it was impossible not to comment on this one! Also I would like to know one thing. Is this a paid blog theme that you buy or you turned to a regular one?

  5. I am new at doing this. I am so glad you share what
    you do. There are several times I go to the ctz site
    to find how to draw the pattern and i cant find the pattern
    Thanks everyone for sharing this helps with my PTSD


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