Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fresh Eyes

When I designed the Tangle-a-Day calendar, I added some of my own art, mostly because my friends told me I should. I wanted to have big blocks of blank tangling space, but my friends won out.
   At the end of January, two thirds of the calendar page is taken up by a big blob of Inapod, with one little square for the day of January 31. Laura Harms had hers finished before mine, and it was so cool that she just extended the already tangled space into her blank one, making it all one big piece of art. Check it out in her Flickr post here. Also check out what Donna Jeanne Koepp did with her page here. What they did was so much fun, that I get very inspired to get mine up to date. I added lots of bubbles to connect my old with my new, and did a variation of Margaret Bremner's Dansk, that sort of mimicked the Inapod.

Here is what the page looked like before:


Here is what emerged for me:

I was needing a little color in my life this morning, so I took the photo with the calendar laying on a painting of my kitties. hello kitty.

This exercise really made me realize how much fun it is to
1) use an existing piece of Zentangle® (or otherwise!) art to play with
2) find an unfinished tile one started long ago, and continue it with fresh eyes!

The Inapod art that I had done some time ago now had another purpose: to jumpstart more art! And my kitty painting: I didn't realize when I took the photo that I would be talking about 'fresh eyes'! It's amazing what the right brain comes up with when the doors swing open! See this entry (under the heading, Inspirational) from the Zentangle website.


  1. I loved popping out of the pods on this one and making a little escape. Thanks for including my page in your post. Can you believe it's February already?

    1. Yep, it's been a fun start to the year, and love seeing what you all have done with the calendar. Looking forward to seeing more!! Thanks, Donna.


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