Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Z Shoes

A while back on Facebook, there were a few posts about tangled shoes. It's an irresistible project, so when I found these shoes at Meijer, I had to try it. (Here is an online source for the same shoe, although the ones at Meijer we much less expensive). They are made for people who stand on their feet a lot, so they are really comfortable and kind of cute when they're all tangled up! 
    I see online that there is tan and black. That might look really cool, too. The shoes are a manmade, molded material. I tried the Micron and it took forever to dry, so I sprayed it with some Klear Kote, and that did the trick. Once I realized that little snafu, I did the rest in enamel markers. I'm still trying to figure out how to do the strap, as it bends and cracks the marker. Maybe a shoe dye. Will have to work on that.


  1. These are SO awesome, Carole! Great job, as usual!! - Lesley S-G

  2. Cool! I have a pair of tennis shoes I started a while back and must finish while it's weather for such things.

  3. Those look wonderful - better than tennis shoes - and far more stylish, thanks to you!

    How do they fit? They say they will accommodate a wide foot. but I'm not so sure. (I have bunions to deal with. Argh!)

  4. They are beautiful drawings.
    I'll start painting and learn to do
    as well as you.
    If you see me I'm in
    patchwork con Mamen
    Kisses from Spain...

    Son preciosos los dibujos.
    Empezaré a pintar y aprender para hacerlo
    tan bien como tú.
    Si quieres visitarme estoy en
    patchwork con Mamen
    Besos desde España

  5. Amazingly creative! Your shoes look great!

  6. These are so darling, I can hardly believe it! I like the straps plain -- they emphasize the tangles on the body of the shoe. I am betting that you will be dancing even without music in these! Hooray!

  7. Hey, Carole,
    These are way cooler than mine.

    ps, Deb likes the strap left white.


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