Monday, February 28, 2011

Tangles in Time

When I had the idea for the Tangle a Day Calendar, it was mostly to provide a handy and daily space to play with Zentangle. The idea was to do a little bit each day (each square being only 2"x2"), and eventually filling up the month with lots of fun.
   January was pretty much that way. But February was not. The month started with our home being without power for a few days. It was way too cold to venture away from the fireplace. Once the power came back, there were days of playing catch up with all the work I missed (working from home has its issues). So basically, it was more than a week into February before I finally sat down to begin my tangle calendar play. 
    Someone had asked if I might make a video of the next month. So the day I started February, I thought I might try that. I found out there was lots more to taking a video than flipping on a button on my camera. I did have a tripod, so that worked. But i quickly used up my memory card on the camera, and that was that. I got maybe three minutes of a very huge file. And in those three minutes, I managed to pick up a sepia pen instead of the black one I intended to use AND had a coughing fit from a leftover cold. But the camera was rolling along (just as life does) and there was no starting over, just moving forward. So in the end, sorry, no video:)
   One thing I realized during my February play, is how 'in the box' I was about the calendar. Ok, so there are days with numbers. And tomorrow is not today and last week is not tomorrow. The numbers help us keep track of all that. But they are just numbers. I was feeling compelled to only work on the day that I was in, instead of letting myself float to the other side of the calendar. Because February was so "messed up" already, I felt free to go wherever I wanted, regardless of the number or the little grey lines between the boxes. Just like the string in a Zentangle, it's good to remind myself that it's just a suggestion of structure, not a rule. And there is no such thing as 'too late' or 'too early' when it comes to going with the flow. There is only going with the flow. The flow doesn't care what time it is.
   I had a lot of fun. March starts tomorrow and I'm excited about that!


  1. Love your post, life is never what you expect. Love your tangles also. May March come in like a Lamb and out like a Lamb also, you need it. Thanks for sharing the joy of tangleing with us all.

  2. "The flow doesn't care what time it is." How exactly right! I think I'll tape that up somewhere around here.
    Gorgeous piece of work.

  3. HOLY MOLY!!!!!! (Is that how one spells that??) This is, well it' a really great party with everyone having the best time of their life simultaneously. I guess it is what happens when you just let go of the " rules" sometimes. .....just beautiful. Maria

  4. i find myself trapped in the box of doing the day i'm on... maybe March will help me let go?

    and if i ever finish a month, i'll be sure to send you a photo

  5. Great use for a calendar! Your tangles are beautiful! Inspiring!


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