Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the wings and strings of Zentangle®

Last week at this time my partner Daved and I were on our way to Canton, Ohio. I had been invited by The Hall of Fame Beader's Guild to do a beadweaving class at Beads 'n More. That in itself was well worth the trip; so many very nice people and a really lovely bead store! (There was also a great cupcake place near the store: Blake's Cafe and Cupcakery, of which I am now a huge fan!)

We were also fortunate to have an opportunity to meet with a few of the Northern Ohio Certified Zentangle Teachers (Carol, Jean and Deb and her husband, Verlin). Saturday night we met for dinner, then moved our conversation to the hotel, as we realized it was nowhere near finished. It was a very connective night and one I will always treasure. It was a real example of how the spirit of Zentangle weaves a string through people and experiences, highlighting and allowing for their differences, yet stringing them all together in a sameness of sorts. And in the process, giving all who see its portential, little wings to fly their own special paths. Its potential lies way beyond the string we lay down on a paper tile. So yummy.

As the week progressed, I spent time preparing for the monthly Zentangle Intro class to be held on Friday night at Gallery 510 . We also have a Zentangle Lovers Group that meets to play after the class. We are just getting started with the group, so it's always a surprise to see how many show up. As it turns out, Friday night we had 8 in the class, and another 6 showed up for the group fun. I was even more surprised and delighted that Peg (my CZT buddy in Dayton) and I got to meet another CZT from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, Christine Hogan. The same connective string appeared in our conversations... we acknowledged that to be directly related to the intent of Zentangle and its creators, Maria Thomas and RIck Roberts . To top it all off, we had two people from Cincinnati attend the class (my cousin and her friend), so it worked out perfectly for them to meet Christine, who is much closer to where they live. I'm hoping they all get a chance to spread their wings together.

A great week. I am a lucky girl.


  1. I'm so excited to hear you got to met Christine Hogan from the Ky/Cinncy area. Can't wait for you to met the rest of the Ohio gang. I too believe we are lucky to have found the 'string' of zentangle to bring us together. It feels like the coming together of a soul group, as Carolyn Myss might say. Wonder what soul contract(s) we have made? Deb

  2. I'm sure whatever they are, we are knee deep in working them out :)


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