Monday, May 31, 2010

Playing with Zentangle® opens up the creative process. I can see it in the mixed media piece I did in a workshop this past Friday night (Gallery 510 Dayton Ohio). Our fearless leader, Loretta Puncer, planted the seeds by giving us each a canvas, magazines for collage colors, paints, and various found object fun to play with. This is what happened to me as I dipped and dabbed my way through the evening.

This is a detail of one portion of the painting. It's not finished yet, as on the way home in the car, I pulled off a piece of string (on purpose) that I had glued on and painted over. I really liked the way it left a white space once I took it off, but it disturbed something else that was glued, so the adventure will continue...

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  1. I have just been directed to your lovely blog after googling zentangles, and have started right back at the beginning of your posts. I'm sure it must have been a wonderful time spent at the Zentangle Studio. I sent for a kit last week and am eagerly awiting its arrival. I live in France but sadlyl as yet there are no classes available here. Though I realise that the face to face experience of learning would be much more special, it' is a shame it's not possible to have online classes. Maybe one day it will be possible. And while I wait for my kit to arrive,I will continue to read through your inspiring posts and learn from the Tangle steps you have published. Thank you for sharing this wonderful art form.
    Warmest best wishes,
    Su Ward


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