Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bumpadox and the Threads of Inspiration

I posted one of my Tangle-a-Day pieces to Facebook last week.

January 15 contained a triangle with Puf. I had put some Crescent Moon/Diva Dance-like bumps on the auras before I had "puffed" it. Margaret Bremner commented, "Oooo, Paradox with bumps...:D".  And I said to myself, all righty then, let's try it!

Here is the fun that happened next...
It just so happened that while all this was going on, I was in the middle of a CZT gathering at my bead store. As I shared this new discovery, Cris Letourneau looked up from whatever she was doing and cried, "Bumpadox!"

So there you have it. I sometimes takes a village to create a new tangle. And of course, it all goes back to Rick for deconstructing one of our all time favorite tangles, Rick's Paradox.

Here are the step outs. You can do this technique beginning with any shape, but I suggest starting with a simple triangle. Maybe just bump two sides of the triangle on your first go, then once  you get the hang of it, go crazy with it.

I start each line away from the corner and then into the next corner. I found that working with the bumps, it was easier to start with a wider space to a corner than the other way round. Of course, do it which ever way is easier for you. Now, once the sides start to close in, it requires a little more focus to find your line end corner. But no matter, have fun and find your way. Who knows? You may end up with a whole new tangle!

Also, notice the last step is an option I add once in a while. The red lines are how I Puf the bumps. I simply connect any sharp corners formed in the auras around the bumps.

Have fun!


  1. I can imagine "bumps" as a "tangleation" of aura and an enhancement in its own right that could apply to many, many tangles. I learn sooo much from CZTs. Thanks. Linda, CZT "Sweet 16"

  2. Looking forward to playing with this!

  3. I love the way your mind works! Your tangles are always amazing!

  4. Your new tangle is so much fun. I’ve always loved Paradox and your bumps make it a playful tangle. Thanks for sharing it!

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