Thursday, October 6, 2016

Reticula Fun: Triangles

I have always loved quilting because of the way each square, when connected to the next, creates shapes and patterns that the one square alone did not. In Zentangle, the same fun can be had by connecting the same square or triangular design (fragments) in a grid fashion. There are so many combinations! If you have the Zentangle Primer, Vol. 1, check out the chapter about Reticula.

For the art below, I used a square grid and triangled it by drawing diagonal lines from corner to corner on each square. I did the grid loosely in pencil. I like when things are a little off, so I wasn't at all careful about even lines, etc.

The reason I drew the grid in pencil is so that the edges of each fragment will connect to the next one (or not!). This process makes way for new shapes to form between the fragments. I used the fragments illustrated in the wonderful chart in the Zentangle Primer: K-15 and J-15.

I alternated each fragment when drawing them in the grid. 
As I drew each one, I played off the loose end of the drawn fragment next to it...

I then connected any loose ends to each other. Notice how the outside lines connect to other outside loose ends to create complete shapes...

I then added more auras to the unfilled spaces, darkened some middles and shaded...
As you can see, the results are a little wonky and unpredictable... exactly what I love about the Zentangle process. The more I don't care about the outcome, the more fun it is when I find the many surprises the lines have in store!


  1. Yes, "wonky and unpredictable" but oh so wonderful!

  2. What wonderful variations come from your wonky triangles...I love this!

  3. Thanks for sharing your technique for doing this. It is an awesome exercise in making fragments work. Love it.

  4. love this!! are you putting out a calendar for 2017?

  5. Ditto -- loving wonky, and am hoping you'll have a 207 calendar. I've been getting them every year since I started tangling in 2013

  6. Yes, just sent the calendar art to the printer today. Lots of fragment play in it.

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